Please be aware of the fact, that the programme that you can find here is the proposed programme outline for the origianlal  session planned for the symposium of March 6th, 2020. As you know this meeting had to be postponed due the the COVIS-19 pandemic. The future programme could be different depending on the individual availability of each of the members of the faculty.

28th Brussels Hand / Upper Limb Symposium


Peroperative Use of Sonography in Hand/upper extremity Surgery

Innovative Concepts and techniques

Symposium Postponed

Scientific Programme

08:00-10:00     Session 1 :     Introduction to the Symposium

                              Moderators : K.N. An, L. Van Overstraeten

08:00     Opening Address : History of Genval Upper Extremity Symposia

               F. Schuind

08:10     Basic Principles of Sonography and Applications to Musculo-Skeletal Tissues

               L. Van Overstraeten (Tournai, Brussels)

08:25     Shear Wave Ultrasound Elastography for Soft Tissue Assessment

               K.N. An (Rochester, MN, USA)

08:45     Discussion

08:55     What do we Expect from Sonography to Assess Peripheral Nerves

               J. Bahm, W. El Kazzi (Brussels, Belgium)

09:05     Sonography of Peripheral Nerves

               S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)

09:15     Discussion

09:25     Nerve Ultrasound-Assisted Surgery for Neuropathic Pain and Joint Denervation

               A. Gohritz, V Moser,  G. Bodner, B. Kovacs, D.J. Schaefer (Basel, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria)

09:35     Discussion

09:40     Live Demonstration of Hand and Wrist Sonography

               S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)

10:10     Coffee-Break and Visit of the Commercial Exhibit

10:30 - 11:50     Session 2 : Diagnosis

                              Moderators : S. Kluge, A. Madani

10:30     Degenerative Tendon Problems at the Elbow

               K. Abdelkafi (Braine l'Alleud, Belgium)

10:40     Discussion

10:45     Sonography, my Personal Assistant at Hand Outpatient Clinic

               E. Vögelin (Bern, Switzerland)

10:55     Discussion

11:00     Flexor Tendons Sonography

               Th. Apard (Versailles, France)

11:10     Normal and Pathological Sonography of the Carpal Tunnel

               A. Madani, V. Creteur (Brussels, Belgium)

11:20     Does Sonography Displace Electrophysiology in Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

               E. Vögelin (Bern, Switzerland)

11:30     Preoperative Evaluation of Thenar Muscles in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Ultrasonography

               I. Nagura, T. Kanatani, Y. Harada, F. Takase, A. Inui, Y. Mifune, R. Kuroda (Kobe, Japan)

11:40     Discussion

11:50 – 12:30     Session 3 : Objective Assessment of Results of Sonography-Guided Treatments


               Moderators : E. Vögelin, J. Bahm

11:50     Patient-Related and Objective Assessment

               A. Gkotsi (Brussels, Belgium)

12:00     Manual Ability in Hand Surgery Patients : Validation of the ABILHAND Scale

               G. El Khoury, X. Libouton, J.L. Thonnard, P. Lefèvre, M. Penta, O. Barbier (Brussels, Belgium)

12:10     Cost-Effectiveness of Sonography-Guided Surgery

               R. Kinanga, F. Moungondo, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)

12:20     Discussion

12:30 – 13:45     Lunch, Health Break, Visit of the Commercial Exhibit

13:45 – 14:25     Session 4:  Sonography-Guided Treatments : Shoulder and Elbow


               Moderators : F. Moungondo, V. Créteur

13:45     Needling of Shoulder Calcifications

               K. Abdelkafi (Braine l'Alleud, Belgium)

13:55     Tennis Elbow

               F. Moungondo, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)

14:05     Ultrasound Guided Proximal Median Nerve Release

               Th. Apard (Versailles, France)

14:15     Discussion

14:25 – 14:55     Session 5:  Sonography-Guided Treatments : Wrist and Hand (1)


               Moderators : A. Gkotsi, I. David

14:25     Upper Extremity Regional Anaesthesia, Role of Sonography

               H.N. Truong, P. Pandin (Brussels, Belgium)

14:35     Sonography-Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Hand Surgery

               A. Aly (Cairo, Egypt)

14:45     Discussion

14:50     Sonographical Assisted Percutaneous A1 Pulley Release: Lessons Learned

               E. Vögelin, D. De Suter (Bern, Switzerland)

15:00     Combined Arthroscopy and Sonography for the Resection of Palmar Wrist Ganglions

               F. Moungondo, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)

15:15     Discussion

15:20 – 15:35     Coffee-Break and Visit of the Commercial Exhibit

15:35 – 17:50     Session 6:  Sonography-Guided Treatments : Wrist and Hand (2)


               Moderators : Th. Apard, W. El Kazzi

15:35     Percutaneous Sonographically Guided Procedures in Hand Surgery - Biomechanical Bases

               F. Moungondo, Cl. Gauthier, L. Bourassin, V. Feipel, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)

15:45     Discussion

15:50     Ultrasound-Guided de Quervain's Tendon Release, Feasibility, and First Outcomes

               P.Croutzet, R. Guinand, O. Mares, Th. Apard, G. Candelier, I. David (Toulouse, France)

16:00     Discussion

16:05     Results of Open or Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

               F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)

16:15     Anatomical Studies on Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

               S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)

16:25     Ultra-Minimal Invasive Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release using the Thread Method

               A. Gohritz, K. Mende, D.J. Schaefer (Basel, Switzerland)

16:35     Percutaneous US Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

               I. David (Saint-Martin d'Hères, France)

16:45     Truly Percutaneous Carpal Tunnel Release under Sonography

               F. Moungondo, R. Kinanga, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)

16:55     Discussion

17:00     Debate - Open vs. Percutaneous Sonography-Guided Carpal Tunnel Surgery

               J. Bahm - I. David

17:10     Trigger Finger Release under Sonography

               Th. Apard (Versailles, France)

17:20     Percutaneous Sonography-Guided Trigger Finger Release

               F. Moungondo, A. Benzerroug (Brussels, Belgium)

17:30     Discussion

17:40     Debate - Open vs. Percutaneous Sonography-Guided Trigger Finger Release

               L. Van Overstraeten (Tournai, Brussels, Belgium), W. El Kazzi (Brussels, Belgium)

17:50 – 18:30     Session 7:  Future Developments, Recommendations, General Conclusions


               Moderators : F. Schuind,  F. Moungondo

17:50     New Trends in Diagnostic Ultrasound

               S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)

18:00     Discussion

18:05     Ten Questions to the Floor and the Faculty

18:25     Summary and Conclusions

               A. Aly, J. Bahm, W. El Kazzi, A. Gkotsi, F. Moungondo, F. Schuind, L. Van Overstraeten

18:30     End of Symposium