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Upper extremity and hand surgeons dispose nowadays of a new tool, not only for diagnosis, but also to guide their operation : sonography. The recent improvements of this imaging modality allow now new surgical techniques, guided by sonography. So sonography now goes to the operative room, not only on the side of the anaesthesiologist, but also to assist the surgeon ! The new surgical sonography-guided possibilities seem endless, but much remains to be developed and the precise indications of the method are presently poorly defined. Sonography allows excellent visualization of anatomical structures, which can help for exposure and minimally invasive repair.


This includes  bones : percutaneous insertion of a scaphoid fracture can be guided by sonography, which helps also in assessing the quality of reduction and the good positioning of the implant. Sonography is also helpful for the treatment of metacarpal fractures. Sonography allows also good imaging of ligaments (including the scapholunate complex) for percutaneous repair. In case of joint stiffness, sonography allows to judge persistent joint motion, which can be particularly of help in frozen shoulder treatment. Sonography allows to precisely localize soft-tissue tumors, including ganglions, to guide open or arthroscopic resection (and, for palmar wrist ganglion, to preserve the radial pedicle). Sonography allows accurate and safe access to foreign bodies and sometimes percutaneous removal.


But the most interesting use of sonography is probably to guide minimally invasive release of trigger finger, carpal tunnel, de Quervain, lateral epicondylitis, and of other degenerative tendon conditions, and percutaneous tenolysis. In peripheral nerve and brachial plexus surgery, sonography could allow peroperative assessment of the nerve fascicular structure, which could be quite helpful in neuroma or in continuity nerve lesion treatment, in conjunction with electrostimulations and operative findigs. Sonography also nicely evaluates nerve dynamics.


 Of course, sonography has other more classical applications, for guided percutaneous infiltrations, injections and radiofrequency, for acupuncture, for treatment of calcifications, to find a vascular pedicle before a flap, or to assess the state of flow in an artery after microsurgical repair.


Another very interesting potential application is the peroperative assessment of the mechanical properties of the operated biological tissues. Ultrasound could also guide navigation tools. All these principles could in the future be extended to other anatomical locations, in particular the foot.


The Brussels Hand/Upper Extremity Symposium, following its successful tracks of 25 Genval and two BHS Eu symposia, will be back in Genval on March 6th 2020 for this first international congress on peroperative sonography in hand/upper extremity surgery.


The primary goals of the Brussels/Genval annual upper limb Symposium, gathering together in a first-class resort close to Brussels experts from different fields (the previous Symposia have been attended by orthopaedic, plastic, paediatric and general surgeons, anatomists, physiotherapists, rheumatologists, anaesthesiologists, pain specialists, radiologists, nuclear medicine scientists, immunologists, pathologists, engineers and basic scientists), are to promote the exchange of new ideas, to establish guidelines on a consensual basis, and to foster collaborative investigations among various specialists.


Much time will be set aside for the discussions. Please join us in 2020 ! Presentations will be by invited faculty, but a limited number of free papers will be as well accepted.




Prof. Dr. F. Schuind

Symposium President

Note that in addition to this congress, our team organizes since 2018 a practical course of sonography for hand surgeons (Brussels sonographically guided upper limb surgery course - 2d edition 2019-2020).


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Adel Kafi Karim

Amr Mohamed Aly

An Kai-Nan

Apard Thomas

Bahm Jörg

Creteur Viviane

El Kazzi Wissam

Kluge Sebastian

Libouton Xavier

Lubansu Alphonse

Madani Afarine

Moungondo Fabian

Pandin Pierre

Schuind Frédéric

Truong Ha-Nam

Van Overstraetten Luc

Vögelin Ester

Adel Kafi Karim

Radiology  -  Hopital de Braine l'Alleud-Waterloo

An Kai-Nan

Kai-Nan An, Ph.D is currently a Professor Emeritus of orthopedics and Biomedical Engineering at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He has been specialized in the biomechanics of upper-extremities. He pioneered several applications of medical imaging technologies to study the joint and tissue biomechanics

Bahm Jörg

Amr Mohamed Aly

Consultant of Hand and Microsurgery in Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt.

- Congenital Hand Malformation Fellowship Wilhelmstift Kinderkrankenhaus, Hamburg, Germany.

- Hand and Microsurgery clinical fellow Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America.

- Hand and Microsurgery fellow, Universitaitre de Bruxelles, Brussels,  Belgium.

- Hand and Microsurgery fellowship Klinik furHandchirugie, Bad Neustadt, Germany.

Apard Thomas

Le Dr Thomas APARD est chirurgien de la main et du coude au Centre d’échochirurgie de la Clinique Les Franciscaines à Versailles, France. Il est titulaire du Diplôme Européen de chirurgie de la main et est membre titulaire de la Société Francaise de Chirurgie de la main.


Il a fondé le Diplôme Inter Universitaire d’Echochirurgie en 2012 et est pionnier en chirurgie de la main sous anesthésie locale sans garrot (« walant surgery »).  Sa passion pour l’échographie s’exprime au travers de ses publications, son livre « l’échographie pour l’orthopédiste 2e édition » (chez Sauramps médical) et ses cours / conférences en France et dans le monde. La chirurgie sous anesthésie locale sans garrot est en plein développement dans le monde entier : Le Dr Apard est membre fondateur de la Société Européenne d’Echochirurgie de la main, chirurgie sous anesthésie locale et et chirurgie en cabinet (EHU2s) et membre du Board mondial pour le projet et la fondation

Creteur Viviane

Spécialisée en Radiodiagnostic depuis 1983, je me suis particulièrement intéressée à l’échographie de l’appareil locomoteur et notamment des nerfs périphériques, que j’ai développée activement en collaboration avec mes collègues radiologues, orthopédistes et neurologues de l’hôpital Erasme, où j’ai occupé le poste de PHU-professeure associée pendant plusieurs années. J’ai aussi donné de nombreuses conférences nationales et internationales et compte plus de 30 publications dans des revues scientifiques réputées, la plupart en premier auteur.

El Kazzi Wissam

Kluge Sebastian

Libouton Xavier

I was born in Namur (Belgium) in 1975. In 2006, I started a PhD within the European sixth framework program project Nanobiotact under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Louis Thonnard. The title of my thesis was « Vibration sensitive afferents rather than spatial acuity determine tactile roughness discrimination ». In 2011, i obtained the degree of « master complémentaire en chirurgie orthopédique ».

Since, I work in the orthopedic department in Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc (Brussels, Belgium). With Pr. Olivier Barbier, we form a partnership. Our favorite topics are hand surgery, peripheral nerve lesions, congenital hand and microsurgery


Lubansu Alphonse

Dr Alphonse Lubansu is Board certificated Senior Neurosurgeon in the Department of Neurosurgery of the Erasme Hospital, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium; Head of Spinal Surgery at the Department of Neurosurgery at the Erasme Hospital; Consultant neurosurgeon in Research and Development for minimally invasive spinal surgeries and endoscopic spinal surgery. He is also researcher at the Experimental Laboratory of Neurosurgery of the Erasme Hospital (ULB, Belgium), with a particular interest in the development of new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (in particular Parkinson and Huntington) and in spinal cord injury and at the anatomical and biomechanical department of the ULB University of Brussels involved in biomechanical analysis the spinal movement after surgical procedure; Member of the Belgium society of biochemistry and molecular biology; Member of the Belgium Society of Neurosurgery; Member of the Belgium association of NeuroOncology; Member of AOspine Europe; Laureate of the “Pfizer Educational Grant”; Certificate of Emerging spinal technologies and thoracoscopic fracture Management. Reviewer for multiples spinal Journals including European Spine Journal, Journal of Surgery….

He specializes in the treatment of complex diseases of the spine (250 procedures cervical, thoracic and lumbar instrumented per year). He is part of the first Belgian surgeons have started spine surgery through MIS developing techniques and approaches to help the performance of MIS techniques as application of fenestrated screws in MIS procedure in osteoporotic population. He treats all kinds of diseases of the spine, trauma, degenerative, tumor and deformity, with specific experience on big trauma and aging spine. He recently developed innovative concept and technique using sonography in spinal surgery.


Moungondo Fabian

Madani Afarine

Afarine MADANI, MD, PhD

Musculoskeletal Radiology –Sport Imaging

Associate Professor of Radiology-Université Libre de Bruxelles

CUB Erasme Hospital-Brussels-Belgium

Centre de chirurgie de la main-Brussels-Belgium

FEDRIS-Agence fédérale des risques professionnels-Brussels-Belgium

Pandin Pierre


Truong Ha-Nam

Department of Anaesthesiology

CUB Erasme, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Schuind Frédéric

F Schuind, MD, PhD

Professeur de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Chirurgie

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Surgery

Professeur Ordinaire C de l’Université libre de Bruxelles ULB

Full Professor of the Université libre de Bruxelles ULB

Chef du Service d'Orthopédie-Traumatologie, Cliniques Universitaires de Bruxelles, hôpital Erasme, Bruxelles, Belgique

Head of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Erasme University Hospital

Van Overstraetten Luc


Vögelin Ester

Prof. Dr. med. Esther Vögelin

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1332 Genval   Belgium

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Even though the springs had been commercialised, the castle was run only as a health resort until Schweppes Belgium hired the building in 1934 to make it a production plant for water and lemonade.


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Peroperative Use of Sonography in Hand/Upper Extremity Surgery


Innovative Concepts and Techniques


08.00 - 10.00


































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Session 1 :    Introduction to the Symposium

                             Moderators : K.N. An, L. Van Overstraeten


Opening Address : History of Genval Upper Extremity Symposia

F. Schuind


Basic Principles of Sonography and Applications to Musculo-Skeletal Tissues

L. Van Overstraeten (Tournai, Brussels)


Shear Wave Ultrasound Elastography for Soft Tissue Assessment

K.N. An (Rochester, MN, USA)



What do we Expect from Sonography to Assess Peripheral Nerves

J. Bahm, W. El Kazzi (Brussels, Belgium)


Sonography of Peripheral Nerves

S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)



Nerve Ultrasound-Assisted Surgery for Neuropathic Pain and Joint Denervation

A. Gohritz, V Moser,  G. Bodner, B. Kovacs, D.J. Schaefer (Basel, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria)



Live Demonstration of Hand and Wrist Sonography

S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)



Coffee-Break and Visit of the Commercial Exhibit






Session 2 :          Diagnosis

                                  Moderators : S. Kluge, A. Madani


Degenerative Tendon Problems at the Elbow

K. Abdelkafi (Braine l'Alleud, Belgium)



Sonography, my Personal Assistant at Hand Outpatient Clinic

E. Vögelin (Bern, Switzerland)



Flexor Tendons Sonography

Th. Apard (Versailles, France)


Normal and Pathological Sonography of the Carpal Tunnel

A. Madani, V. Creteur (Brussels, Belgium)


Does Sonography Displace Electrophysiology in Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

E. Vögelin (Bern, Switzerland)


Preoperative Evaluation of Thenar Muscles in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Ultrasonography

I. Nagura, T. Kanatani, Y. Harada, F. Takase, A. Inui, Y. Mifune, R. Kuroda (Kobe, Japan)







Session 3 :          Objective Assessment of Results of Sonography-Guided Treatments

                                  Moderators : E. Vögelin, J. Bahm


Patient-Related and Objective Assessment

A. Gkotsi (Brussels, Belgium)


Manual Ability in Hand Surgery Patients : Validation of the ABILHAND Scale

G. El Khoury, X. Libouton, J.L. Thonnard, P. Lefèvre, M. Penta, O. Barbier (Brussels, Belgium)


Cost-Effectiveness of Sonography-Guided Surgery

R. Kinanga, F. Moungondo, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)






Lunch, Health Break, Visit of the Commercial Exhibit





Session 4 :          Sonography-Guided Treatments : Shoulder and Elbow

                                  Moderators : F. Moungondo, V. Créteur


Needling of Shoulder Calcifications

K. Abdelkafi (Braine l'Alleud, Belgium)


Tennis Elbow

F. Moungondo, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)


Ultrasound Guided Proximal Median Nerve Release

Th. Apard (Versailles, France)







Session 5 :          Sonography-Guided Treatments : Wrist and Hand (1)

                                  Moderators : A. Gkotsi, I. David


Upper Extremity Regional Anaesthesia, Role of Sonography

H.N. Truong, P. Pandin (Brussels, Belgium)


Sonography-Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Hand Surgery

A. Aly (Cairo, Egypt)



Sonographical Assisted Percutaneous A1 Pulley Release: Lessons Learned

E. Vögelin, D. De Suter (Bern, Switzerland)


Combined Arthroscopy and Sonography for the Resection of Palmar Wrist Ganglions

F. Moungondo, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)




Coffee-Break and Visit of the Commercial Exhibit




Session 6 :          Sonography-Guided Treatments : Wrist and Hand (2)

                                  Moderators : Th. Apard, W. El Kazzi


Percutaneous Sonographically Guided Procedures in Hand Surgery - Biomechanical Bases

F. Moungondo, Cl. Gauthier, L. Bourassin, V. Feipel, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)



Ultrasound-Guided de Quervain's Tendon Release, Feasibility, and First Outcomes

P.Croutzet, R. Guinand, O. Mares, Th. Apard, G. Candelier, I. David (Toulouse, France)



Results of Open or Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)


Anatomical Studies on Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)


Ultra-Minimal Invasive Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release using the Thread Method

A. Gohritz, K. Mende, D.J. Schaefer (Basel, Switzerland)


Percutaneous US Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

I. David (Saint-Martin d'Hères, France)


Truly Percutaneous Carpal Tunnel Release under Sonography

F. Moungondo, R. Kinanga, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)



Debate - Open vs. Percutaneous Sonography-Guided Carpal Tunnel Surgery

J. Bahm - I. David


Trigger Finger Release under Sonography

Th. Apard (Versailles, France)


Percutaneous Sonography-Guided Trigger Finger Release

F. Moungondo, A. Benzerroug (Brussels, Belgium)



Debate - Open vs. Percutaneous Sonography-Guided Trigger Finger Release

L. Van Overstraeten (Tournai, Brussels, Belgium), W. El Kazzi (Brussels, Belgium)




Session 7 :          Future Developments, Recommendations, General Conclusions

                                  Moderators : F. Schuind,  F. Moungondo


New Trends in Diagnostic Ultrasound

S. Kluge (Zürich, Switzerland)



Sonography and Navigation

A. Lubansu (Brussels, Belgium)



Ten Questions to the Floor and the Faculty


Summary and Conclusions

A. Aly, J. Bahm, W. El Kazzi, A. Gkotsi, F. Moungondo, F. Schuind, L. Van Overstraeten



End of Symposium







Registration Fees:


Regular delegate                                 200 Euro            250 Euro

Resident, student, physio                      50 Euro              75 Euro

Physiotherapist                                    100 Euro            125 Euro


Before February 15th

After February 15th



All cancellation should be sent in written form to the Congress Secretariat.


If notification is received:

                                               by January 31, 2020       full refund (less € 50 as a handling fee) of the registration fees may be obtained


                                               by February 15, 2020         50 % refund will be made


                                               after February 15, 2020    no refunds will be made


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